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80 Pages – Thankful for Words

[sorry, it has been a while since I last wrote, but I was busy doing some other writing. I thank God for all of you who have supported me through this amazing time.]

Jesus-Is-LordLast week I turned in my commissioning papers to become a Provisional Member of the Ordained Elders in the United Methodist Church. While I am not saying that 80 pages was easy, or that that I am chomping at the bit to write 80 more it was an interesting experience to reflect on God in this way. For example one of the questions was “How do you interpret the statement ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’?” I wrote two pages in response to this one question. I also had several moments, including a moment with this question, which felt like an answer could have been a book in and of itself. I began to appreciate more and more that this glorious, wonderful God revealed in Jesus Christ who we encounter through the ever-present Holy Spirit is beyond our words. There is not enough ink, paper, Terabytes of data, or time in all creation to adequately give space toward depicting in words the infinite God of all creation. There are not enough words to explore the WORD. So I am thankful that I had the opportunity to reflect on God for 82 pages, but I am also thankful for the gift of eternal life in which we get to spend the never-ending depth of love expressed in our savior Jesus Christ.

Word of God, thank you for expressing your love to us in Word made flesh. May our words give you praise and speak of your glory until your kingdom come.



I am now in my 4th year of seminary while serving as a student pastor at St. Paul United Methodist Church. As the season of seminary will be drawing to a close after this year I am now participating in the process to become a Provisional Member of the North Carolina Annual Conference. This process involves some writing. Before this stage of my adventure in follow God began I had no idea, maybe besides seminary, what any of the U.M. pastors I had known participated in as they journeyed to become a pastor.

January 2nd of 2015 I have to turn in a large document where I have to write 15-20 pages about my strengths, growing edges, and experiences of leadership, then 15-20 pages about how I perceive my role as a provisional member along with my understanding of personal stewardship including everything from finances, to my health and my relationships. The third section I will write includes 20-25 pages about worship including a sermon manuscript and a video recording of me preaching and presiding at the communion table. The last section is 20-25 pages about my theological understanding of God and creation.

I have been to a number of meetings to prepare us for the writing process and I have begun to feel the stress about what all is required. A temptation has crept in to consider this work as a hoop to jump through. However, after reflecting on what Rev. Greg Moore said about how I am seeking to join a religious order and some other reflections, I have begun looking forward to this process. The level of effort and work will not change (it may even increase), but I am now coming to recognize that I have the blessed opportunity to write a Doxology. I get to write about God and how I have been invited to participate in the Triune God’s love, life and mission in the context of the United Methodist Church. I get to write a praise to God by answering questions like How do you understand the following traditional evangelical doctrines: Repentance; Justification; Regeneration;  Sanctification; The marks of the Christian life? and what is my understanding of the Resurrection and eternal life! I get to write a praise to God for the church and what the church’s role is God’s reign. I get to proclaim in writing the wonders and greatness of God.

I thank God for this opportunity. I pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire my writing so that what I write may truly be a doxology.

Father God, by the resurrection of your Son and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit may our lives be ever moving more and more toward a life of doxology. Amen.


If you have wondered if God may be calling you to step in this direction of ministry I invite you to connect with me and in the mean time explore this site: http://thecallnc.org/