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Bike laneI was out jogging this morning before the sun came up. Jupiter and the stars were out dimly lighting the way. I have gone this route many times before, but it was dark. I had maybe been out for 10 or 15 minutes and my mind had rested into the rhythm of breathing, reflecting, breathing, praying, and breathing. When up ahead to my left on the curb of the road I saw a mass. My brain continued to try and process and identify what this object was. Every step closer gave me more information and it appeared to be the size of a fire hydrant, or a large dog, but more indistinct like a large boulder. I continued to try to interpret what I was seeing and didn’t understand until I was nearly right on top of it. It was not a pile of debris on the side of the road, it was not a large strange animal, or a very misplaced large landscaping stone. It was simply a wet spot on the ground right next to bike lane sign painting on the pavement all cast in a strange shadow from a someones security flood light shining in the distance. I felt a little foolish thinking what I saw actually had mass and depth, but in all it was a wet spot a shadow.

I have been in conversations recently that have illumined how I do this in other situations. I will speak my mind about some issue or topic because I see things a certain way, but then as I get closer suddenly I see things and people in a new light. What I want don’t want to do is speak against something when it is really only a shadow, but I also don’t want to ignore something thinking it is only a shadow when it has mass.

God of perfect vision, help me see people and the world around me rightly. Help me never to be afraid to get closer to see situation and people as they really are. Guide me to not speak to quickly when it is only a shadow, but also guide me to speak quickly and boldly when it is something more. Amen

Vision and Blindness

So my wife sent me a link to this video. My only response is to pray.

Jesus, you could use mud to open eyes. Sometimes we see others like they are trees or just landscape. You have come to set captives free, and I wonder if our captivity includes our inability to see the world around us. You have come to give the blind sight. Open our eyes. Holy Spirit, awaken us to see visions. Visions of the world as it really is, not as we imagine. A world with brokenness, hurt, and despair. A world that has not been and never has been abandoned by your grace and love. A world that has homeless, and mentally disabled. A world that have break-ins and gunshots in our neighborhood. A world that you created in beauty and goodness, and have given yourself in love to redeem all to beauty and goodness. Father God create in us eyes that see all of creation as you see it. Heal our blindness. Forgive us for our lack of vision. May the visions and clear sight you give us move us to participate more in the goodness and beauty of your kingdom.



Who are the ones that you haven’t seen?

What paths do you take daily? Who is on that path?

Who do you avoid?

American Christianity

Well, I watched part 1 today.

For my American Christianity Class one of our assignments was to watch the PBS “God In America”. I am catching hints that this class is going to be both a beautiful journey and a troubling journey.  I would be curious to hear your reflections to any of these films. I have only just started the reading assignments and watching this series. What is interesting is that I am coming  aware of some of the things that I have heard for the last 20 years about America and Christianity I am starting to wonder if it is propaganda or a re-narration of our history.

God by the intimate work of your Holy Spirit and the revelation of your Son Jesus Christ I thank you that you are at work in this world and even in this country I live in, despite our best efforts and our utter failures. May your kingdom come and your will be done. Open my eyes to your story, my story, our countries story, and the story you are continuing to tell. Amen

Church – What is it again?

This past year or two we have been wrestling with a vision statement, planning and dreaming about this Community Worship Service among other things. Going through this process has made me test and refine definitions of what the church is supposed to be.  My buddy Dave sent this video to me this morning. I thought it was good and inspired some good reflections.

What do you think?