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If God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit are complete and full not lacking in anything, why did God create us or anything else for that matter. Why did God create so much? Relative to my 5 foot and seven inches there is so much to the entire cosmos!!! Why is it all so powerful?   To think that I could walk outside on a  hot summer day and get burned by an object 93 million miles away is amazing!  Then to think that I can’t even count all the other stars; some bigger, some smaller all more powerful than I can comprehend. Why is it all so beautiful? Why would there be a beautiful rainbow that seemed to leap out of a cloud and reach across the sky the other day as we sat talking with neighbors on their deck eating s’mores? Why was I so enraptured by the neighbor’s infant holding my pinky finger with such a surprising grip? Why are we here?

This video has led me on some great reflections and I wanted to invite you to join me on the journey…. watch and enjoy.

AWE (or fear)


Grandfather Mountain

We took a one day family adventure to Grandfather mountain. We explored Linville Falls, and the Caverns first and then went to Grandfather Mountain. We crossed the Mile High Swinging Bridge and hiked the trails. After the gift shop we saw a sign for another trail…. UP the mountain. We had no idea what we are getting into. It was already a very big deal for Jill and Caleb crossing the mile high bridge with their fear of heights. We found ourselves climbing and climbing over rocks and winding trails. Then came the real challenges. There were sections that you had to climb using ropes, and then came the ladders. If you look close at the picture above on the top left of the mountain you can see small specs of people climbing the ladders – that is where we were. One of the ladders seemed to even lean out at an angle making it feel you were climbing out into space. Now I am not afraid of heights. I have a great respect for gravity, but I am not typically afraid. I used to love climbing and hanging out of the catwalk at Trinity UMC in the Multipurpose facility to mess with the lights or climbing to the top of Trinity’s bell tower just for the view. However, after chasing Ethan up the last ladder with Caleb and Jill stuck at the bottom of the ladder, I told Ethan to sit down. When I turned around there it was. I was overcome with a sense of fear. I was standing on the edge of the mountain looking out over the earth which seemed to be too far away. All I could see was just a little bit of the ladder I had once been on and miles and miles of mountain landscape far out beyond me. I felt overwhelmed. I was surrounded by a power much greater than myself. Not just gravity, but by the immensity of all I was looking at. I felt fear and awe. It froze me for a moment. I was not interested in going any higher and I was not looking forward to going down. I was just struck that I was standing within a power much greater than myself. I think I caught a glimpse of what happens when the saints mentioned in the bible came in contact with God – they felt fear, reverence, awe. They would bow down or hid their face. I was staring out at something that is just the tiniest fraction of what God had created as I stood on the edge of that mountain. I know that there are mountainous landscapes larger than this on other planets just in our own solar system alone, but this view from where my two tiny feet stood made me feel so small.  


Well, I am proud to say that my family overcame their fears of heights and we made it up and back down the mountain. I hope that I won’t lose the perspective that we stand within a power much greater than ourselves – a love much greater, mercy much greater, and a creator much greater. We participate in Almighty God himself by the Son of God through the Holy Spirit. 

Father God Almighty, thank you that by the grace made available by your son Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit we can stand within a power much greater than ourselves. I pray that we would be overwhelmed by this power and our lives would be filled with awe, fear, wonder and your power that overcomes all that could possibly destroy us. Amen


Flood in the Sanctuary

Faith IMG_0041 Lynn TwinsBaptism IMG_0218_2 Lynn TwinsWater started flowing in and the next thing you know we were knee deep in water. We were standing as best we could (really held up by grace) and we rehearsed again the creed: “I believe in God… and in Jesus Christ… I believe in the Holy Spirit…” Not just affirming what we believe, but recognizing who has a hold of us. I noticed the water coming in when we began to sing “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost….” Baptismal waters were at our ankles as we sang out in love and joy praising God for who God is and for the invitation of participating in God’s kingdom of grace. Then knee deep in those waters of grace we left the pews and crossed the aisle remembering through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus we have peace with God. I saw a hand dripping wet reach out offering the Peace of Christ. I received that hand with a strange mix of joy and humility. I was humbled that I should be offered that wet handshake, but overjoyed that God made a way for peace. Then came another clasping of hands, then a hug around the neck. Cool refreshing waters of holy baptism splashing all

around as I heard “The peace of Christ be with you” echo repeatedly across the room.  Forgiveness, reconciliation, grace, and joy – the healing waters of baptism were being shared back and forth “and also with you.”

Yesterday I left worship dripping wet.

Down by the Pond IMG_0665 Lynn Twins

God, I thank you for glimpses of your kingdom and those mighty waters that make us your people. May we be your people always walking around dripping wet with the baptismal waters of grace.


Remembering Theology class

This is a prayer from my morning prayer. This prayer brought about a flashback to our Theology class with Edgardo Colón-Emeric when we were studying the Trinity.

Lord, you promise never to leave us or forsake us. Since we are always in your presence, help us always to keep our eyes fixed upon you that we might follow your lead in the never-ending dance of your life as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.