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Blossoms and Blacksmiths

Preaching is such a fascinating experience. As soon as I feel like I have found a stride in the art of sermon preparation and presentation something shifts. I have noticed two patterns starting to emerge, and when I live in one of the patterns for a while the other pattern typically shows up and takes me by surprise.

blossom 1443711_95563180One of the patterns is the blossom. I will be reading through the scripture like wandering through a garden and even though I have walked that path before I will turn my head and there, like it was never there before, a flower is blossoming. It is like the scripture just burst forth with life and the sermon blossoms right before my eyes.  I’m not saying that there isn’t any work to be done in studying, preparing, pruning, gleaning, refining, but the Good News comes alive like a flower blossoming before me.


Blacksmith_workingThe other pattern is that of the blacksmith. I feel like I am holding a hot piece of metal and blow after blow with a hammer a sermon begins to take shape.  Whether the scripture text is difficult or I am the difficult one, I am not sure. The scripture seems to exert itself on me as I try to fashion a sermon. I imagine I would never want to arm wrestle a real blacksmith, because after years and years of working so hard heating and beating the metal to shape it into something beautiful or something useful (Preferably both) the body of the blacksmith has been shaped, strengthened and molded.

I am coming to discover that both patterns are a gift in their own way. The beautiful surprise of God speaking in unexpected ways and unexpected places offering a life giving message of Good News, or the working with the scripture in such a way that through discipline and sweat God transforms me and in this process God reveals the beauty and power of The Word made flesh. So whatever pattern comes next I am learning to be thankful for the gift. Besides I wouldn’t be surprised if another pattern is just around the corner.

God thank you for your gift of scripture and your revealed love and truth. Thank you for your Good News that we can encounter in so many different patterns. Thank you that these gifts transform us. 


5 Fold Ministry Score Sheet

Fivefold Gifting

Apostle 23, Evangelist 30, Pastor 20, Prophet 21, Teacher 26

I’ve been reading that Building a Discipling Culture book and it talked about the base gift we operate from and there was a link to this evaluation tool.

So for more information than you really care to know about me (or if you want to take the survey yourself) you can go here: http://fivefoldsurvey.com/surveys/34733?locale=en