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Old Testament

In reading through Luke and Acts over these last number of months I have felt very convicted about my recent engagement with the Old Testament. I even hinted at this during my sermon this past week. In Acts when Peter mentions the Scriptures “which the Holy Spirit spoke long ago” he would have been referring to what we would think of as the Old Testament. Then to add to my conviction that the Holy Spirit is leading me to spend some more time in the Old Testament I was doing my morning prayer time and came across this quote:

Origen of Alexandria wrote, “I do not call the Law an ‘Old Testament’ if I understand it in the Spirit. The Law becomes an ‘Old Testament’ only for those who wish to understand it carnally, but for those who understand it and apply it in the Spirit and in the Gospel sense, the Law is ever new and the two Testaments are a new Testament for us, not because of their date in time but because of the newness of the meaning. For those who do not respect the covenant of love, even the Gospels are ‘old.’ ”

God, lead us to engage your word, all of your word so that all of our life will be transformed. Help us not to turn only to the words we like, but be willing to wrestle and engage with all you have to say. Amen

What’s good about Old?

Moses Exodus 1295779_44452649Well, in the last 2-3 weeks I have heard a great deal of reminders that I am not a teenager as I have been walking around with a torn achilles tendon. I have also spent a good deal of time reading the Emmaus story from Luke 24 during these past few weeks. Jesus is incognito talking with a couple of disciples on the road. When Jesus chose to describe himself he uses the Old Testament. Jesus reviews Moses, the prophets and the scriptures. When Luke writes “the scriptures” I doubt he was thinking about what we called the New Testament.  I just felt a little challenged about how I have a tendency to focus on the New Testament especially the Gospels and neglect the Old Testament. Maybe that is why the Lectionary and Common Prayer are such good tools – they keep us grounded and spread around in the Scriptures. Maybe that is why I need to keep using them. Besides it just might be important if Jesus Christ himself would refer to the Old Testament as His go to text to explain and describe Himself.

Jesus Christ, warm my heart as I read all of the Old Old Story.

Yesterday Mark preached on this passage and this is the prayer that ended up in my journal.

God, there is something mysterious about the sense of smell. The smell of that Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, or the coffee shop on the corner seems to awaken us. Powerful smells seem to have the power to interrupt our lives briefly. Either to revive a memory, create a craving, or just turn our head. Your Word is full of smells. From the incense and burnt offering Your people offered in worship throughout the Old Testament to the woman breaking open her jar of perfume to anoint Your feet Jesus.

Your Word also says we are the aroma of Christ, but sometimes we don’t smell that great. The odor of sin floats around us and from us. This is why the aromatic power of your sacrifice on the cross is so important to us. The smell of Your empty tomb, a tomb that doesn’t contain death, but unleashes life, overpowers our odor. Thank You God for making us a pleasing smelling offering – may others smell Your goodness and grace floating around us and from us. May Your/our aroma interrupt the world.


Community – Unity

This is what I was doodling during part of that conversation.

I was in a conversation the other day and these were the questions that started bouncing around my head during and after the conversation.

What would it look like for us to really ask for help from each other? (Instead of pretending we got it all put together)
What would it look like if we were really honest?
What would it look like if we prayed for each other trusting that the God of the Universe cared and was listening?
What would it be like if we were willing to sacrifice for each other?
What would it look like if we lived life truly grateful for each other?
What would it be like if would honestly confess and repent to each other?
What if we really forgave each other?

Just thinking of Paul’s letters and his desire for the church to live in unity.  I was thinking of the Old Testament and God calling and leading a people to be holy and his.  It seems there is more to this Jesus stuff, than just a personal relationship with God and my own personal salvation. It seems it is about us being a people united to God and each other.

OUR Father…. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done…

Anyone interested in trying to live this out?