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Three – (C)

Well, here is number three reflecting on Jesus Leadership.

God is continually sending his people out. Even from the beginning, there is an outward movement of God’s people to be a blessing to the world around. In the midst of calling and teaching the disciples, Jesus sends them out to proclaim the nearness and goodness of God’s kingdom and to do miraculous kingdom work. Jesus teaches that as we respond to this calling and obey His teaching we will discover that in the power of the Holy Spirit we too are being sent to do the things we have seen Jesus do. It is in the power of the Spirit that we will find ourselves sent out doing even greater things.[1]

These three aspects of the life of God revealed in Christ Jesus translate clearly into our calling as leaders. First there is calling. We too, as we participate in God, are to call others to step deeper into the transforming grace-filled waters of baptism. We are to repeat Christ’s call and invitation to those who would love God, those who long to live in peace with others, and those who long for freedom from sin, to come to the communion table to regularly remember and participate in a foretaste of God’s glorious kingdom of union, mercy, forgiveness, love, and grace. As leaders we are to call out to the children of God to participate in the resurrected life of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Second there is teaching. As leaders we too are to join in the teaching ministry of Jesus opening up others to the glorious treasures of God, God’s wisdom, and God’s will. Like the teaching ministry of Jesus, our teaching should be transformative in that this knowledge should translate into knowing, loving and serving God and neighbor. Third is the sending aspect of leadership. Just as we see within the perfect divine dance of the Trinity not only the continually drawing closer in union, but also the movement outward in an all-encompassing, loving mission we too should be leading by sending people in the outward mission of God.

God in Jesus Christ, you are calling and teaching us, but help us to not remain where we are resisting your sending. Help us to remember that in your sending us out we are never leaving you, but we are following you and remaining with in you. May your kingdom come, and will be done as you shape by your calling, teaching and sending. Amen.

[1] John 14:9-21

Church – What is it again?

This past year or two we have been wrestling with a vision statement, planning and dreaming about this Community Worship Service among other things. Going through this process has made me test and refine definitions of what the church is supposed to be.  My buddy Dave sent this video to me this morning. I thought it was good and inspired some good reflections.

What do you think?

The Fox

I have been reading a book with the subtitle: The Foundation for Building World-Visionary, World-Impacting, Reproducing Disciples. Here are a few lines from the book that has stirred things in me.

“Everything begins with vision. You will be what you see, but what you do not see, you cannot be. You will become what you behold, but what you do not behold, you cannot become. In other words, what you look at lovingly, longingly, and lastingly, you will become like. You will be like what you look at.”

I talked to a friend today who is an AA guy and he shared a line with me that is similar to this. “All actions are born in thought.”

“Spiritual vision is seeing things from God’s point of view.” “Ponder the question: What does God have on His heart?”

“It is my firm conviction that Jesus Christ fully expects every saved person to be dominated by a vision that is always turning his eyes and his feet out – to the ends of the earth.



Isn’t that just everyone’s favorite word? Well, This weekend Jill and I got a dog. It is a Labradoodle (poodle/Labrador mix)  Black and cute. So we are starting from scratch with this 10 week old puppy.  This is what I notice. All we are working on right now is potty training, sitting, and coming when called. It takes small steps, repetition and small rewards. It is work and it takes  patience, but I am looking forward to the results (I dread the idea of owning a dog that isn’t trained well)

Just thinking about this whole being a disciple of Jesus Christ thing. Wondering if this applies to me. Do I need to be patient take small steps, repeat frequently and be grateful for the small victories?  I guess if I stick to these small steps faithfully over my lifetime when I look back at who I am when I am 80 years old I might actually look like a well trained disciple of Jesus.

Just thinking. I am looking forward to many days of joy training our dog Junie, and I am also looking forward to the results of disciple training. I hope that in the end Junie and I look well trained. 😉 

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