When I came across this blog post about Victor Wooten I couldn’t help but watch the video and read on.

I think there is much to be reflected on in this piece about what discipleship is and how we do it.  So here is the link to the blog post followed by a little teaser… if nothing else watch the video.


All About That Bass, or 3 Things I Learned about the Economy of Wisdom from Victor Wooten

Hello Strangers and Friends!

I’m going to something a bit different in this post. I’m going to tag team it, albeit it virally (which after typing it out sounds kind of gross…but, oh well), with a stranger-who-feels-like-a-friend and world renowned bassist, Victor Wooten. Then, I’m going follow-up with three things we can glean from his gifts about living out the Economy of Wisdom in our everyday lives. With that, take it away Mr. Wooten (that means watch and listen to this, y’all):

Mistakes Will Be Made

Jam with the Masters

Remember the Source

Be sure to read the post and watch the video: http://www.letterstotheexiles.com/all-about-that-bass/

What if our discipleship efforts in the church looked like this?

Thanks for joining me on the adventure in following.